I’m a writer who’s struggling with writer’s block badly.  A musician whom I love, Jonathan Coulton (www.jonathancoulton.com), worked a project which he called, “Thing a Week.” Some of my other friends, including The Matthew F. Murphy (matthewfmurphy.wordpress.com) and Matthew Whatley (http://www.matthewwhatley.com/photoblog/), try to post once a week as well.  I’ve got a personal blog about my life which I keep mostly for me but occasionally for others.  I’m hoping this page can be a place to work on some of my more creative endeavors.  My goal is to post something – writing, photographs, some of my drawn works – weekly.  I’m hoping some of you who bother to read this, especially those of you I’m telling about it, will help keep me honest about doing it.

I hope in reading it, you learn something about me, my friends, you, your friends, or life in general.  I hope you enjoy whatever medium I happen to work in for the day.


– d

P.S. – I’m sorry to those of you who have tried to follow me before when I’ve tried this sort of exercise previously.  I’m not always the best at this sort of thing, but I know it’s something I need to do for myself.  I’d say it was for my sanity, but we all know that’s too far gone.


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