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Being Good


Hey readers.  Sorry it’s been a while since my last post.  A lot has happened since my last post over a month ago.  I left Fredericksburg, a place where I’ve spent the last almost six years (10 if you count college).  My uncle passed away.  He was a good man and will be missed.  A lot of other stuff that I’ll spare you the time reading (though the other two things might get their own posts…I’m not sure).  But for now, I’ll pose the following question.

A couple posts back, I asked for your idea of meaningful living or what qualities or characteristics you thought were vital to your person.  Ethan pointed out that perhaps I was asking the wrong question, and maybe I was.  I’ve been revisiting the thought process, though, having read a couple more writers on the subject, all of whom are much, much smarter than I am, and I’ve come to a related or perhaps superseding question.  What, to you, does it mean to be good?  I don’t mean simply avoiding being bad, because I’m not sure that qualifies as “being good [though, if you disagree, please feel free to make your argument below].”  If you site religious tenants or the following of a specific religion, I’d like you to elaborate more than just, “Buddhism,” or whatever your religion of choice is.  I’m really looking for positive answers here (positive, in this case, meaning proactive things) rather than passive things like abstaining from certain behaviors.  I’m also not looking for platitudes like “progress” or “being nice.”  I’d like you to be as specific as you can and/or feel comfortable being.  I may or may not have follow-up questions for you, and feel free to ask questions of others (assuming this actually gets responses, which it may or it may not; regardless, I figured I’d share what’s running through my head at the moment).