Strange Times

Last Wednesday, Itinerant Intolerance (I’d link to it, but his blog appears to be down at the moment) moved out.  He’s on to bigger and better things, a job, applying to more grad schools, a life with his lady friend.  It’s still a bit strange.  We’d lived together for almost two full years and we’d kinda gotten each others’ rythms down (surprise, we’re both bass players).  I’ve had other roommates with whom I’ve been friends and who I have missed upon embarking upon our separate ways.  The relationship with this kid was different, in a lot of ways, though, as we both kinda saw each other at our worst and our best.  We managed not to kill each other, despite being remarkably similar (we’ve been confused for biological brothers both because of physical similarities and our similar personalities).  We had numerous HDRs about any topic from math and physics to philosophy and religion and just about any point in between.

The apartment feels empty without him, even though I’m deep in the throws of packing (which is going…okay I guess).  Hopefully he’s well and settling in nicely.  I miss him (but, hey, it’s not like somebody died).

I know I’m off to bigger and better things, too.  I’ll find a big-boy job eventually (hopefully sooner rather than later).  I’ll keep on plugging away at things until then (and this has been a great chance to reduce the amount of sh*t I currently own.  Hooray charitable donations!).

There’ll be a post about leaving Fred Vegas in the not too distant future, dear reader.  This place has been awesome, and it bears reflection.  Until then, stay awesome.


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