Mixed Bag

So, as I’m sure Itinerant Intolerance would be more than pleased to tell you, I’ve been a little angsty lately (y’know, in case you missed some of my recent posts).  I’m trying to keep a positive spin on life, but it’s difficult, especially for someone who has a bit of a pessimistic streak.  I got all worked up about politics and the direction of the country (don’t get me wrong, at this point, I think we’re pretty much sunk regardless of which ideologues get control specifically because of the divisiveness and unwillingness to compromise or reach sane ends on both sides…which only causes me to become more frustrated for a multitude of reasons which I’m trying desperately to pass on writing about here…though I may find myself unable to pass on the opportunity to rant, as this parenthetical is already roughly half of what I’ve written.  Damn), and he kind of laughed at me for a while and talked me in off the proverbial ledge.  I just get so sick of it, but I’ve been conditioned to follow it between my parents’ encouragement to do so and growing up primarily around the DC Beltway (sure, I wasn’t here the whole time, but it’s rubbed off a fair bit).

So, instead of focusing on things, I figured I’d post about some of the other things going on in my life.

Based on the swelling, I’m pretty positive I broke/cracked the third knuckle (furthest from the hand) of my middle finger on my left hand about three weeks ago.  It hurts, kinda, but not too badly.  It’s mostly just annoying when I try to flex or straighten it all the way.  The injury was done having fun, though, so I can’t complain too much.

I’ve started drawing again (thankfully I’m primarily right-handed).  Right now I’m working on a logo for something and have the font narrowed down to two choices – a traditional calligraphy that reminds me of medieval texts and a more Celtic calligraphy style that has a better “A” than the alternative (by better, here, I of course mean more pleasing to me, though I must admit the rest of the script is bland-ish and kind of underwhelming).  By the way, doing calligraphy with a pencil is a huge pain, but sadly my pens aren’t here in the apartment, so if I want it, it’s what I’ve got to work with.

I’m working on some other projects that again are just for me and have little to no artistic value whatsoever, but they make me smile, so that’s a thing.

So, dear reader, keep fighting the good fight.  I’ll try to do my part.


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