Crash, burn, repeat.

So, I interviewed for a job last week and the interview and follow-up phone interview went incredibly well.  It was something I could have hypothetically made a career out of (depending on how the first year or so went).  It was a good job, if not for the commute to NoVA.  Honestly, given that I’m basically wiling to shovel stables for a paycheck at this point, it was a great opportunity.

Today I received that dreaded phone call which indicated that the organization had chosen to go a different direction with the hire.  Understandable.  There are certainly people more qualified for the work and I’m trying to focus on new and different opportunities.

It still sucks, though.

I was given a stark reminder as I hung out with a friend, though, that this is not the worst of all possibilities.*  S/he informed me that one of his/her friends committed suicide recently, and it was clear s/he was in a lot of pain, but was repressing it to get through his/her day to day life because  s/he didn’t have time to deal with it yet.  I’ve been on that side of things, too, and it sucks.  So, really, life isn’t that bad.

It’s just nice to know that I’ve gotten pretty good at finding the eject lever in the plane that is my life and pulling it before impact, even if it’s not really a crash-and-burn situation.

* Not that I really thought that it was, but it’s easy to get caught up in my own myopic view and let job-hunting and rejections get frustrating and upsetting.  More than they should, at least.


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