Damn it, Jim, I’m a man.

Sorry for the nonexistence of posts.  I fell into a long rut that I’m still kinda in.  But ignore those long, lonely, post-less days and enjoy this one.

I’ve been reading a lot of Art of Manliness.  I love that site, because, as M-A-T-T explains, it can often be difficult to feel masculine in the world in which we live.  Most of us sit behind desks (or stand behind bars, whatever), drive rather than walk (or ride horses) everywhere.  Generally, there’s not a whole lot to existing as a dude.  I’m not trying to say I’d trade any of this in to live in a time in which disease killed large portions of the population before they had matured or that I want to have to walk or ride a horse to visit my parents (conveniently only between an hour and three hours away – thanks a lot, 95).  But at times it’s definitely difficult to feel as masculine as my gender once was.  But back to AoM.  It’s focused primarily on classical, classy masculinity, like our fathers or grandfathers felt (or, for some of my younger friends, possibly your great-grandfathers).  It’s just a nice place to go and contemplate being a man.

In this vein, my roommate and I have decided both of us are drastically overweight (I know, that comes as a huge surprise) and we’re going to do something about it.  He’s a former Marine who’s currently enrolled in school and I’m working a job which doesn’t afford me a ton of disposable income, so we’re trying to do this relatively inexpensively (read: free).  Today we went for a four mile walk around the local college gravel track (one lap is a mile if you do a figure eight) and while we were still in the first quarter mile, my roommate picked up a big-ol’ rock.  We then proceeded to do a variety of upper body exercises – arm curls, military press, a modified standing bench press, etc. – while walking.  I’ll be perfectly honest, there’s something kinda freaking awesome about lifting with rocks.  Maybe it’s the fact that both he and I are of Pict/Celt/Scott/Irish/whatever descent, maybe it’s just the primal nature of it that appeals to my masculinity, but ultimately, I felt more like a bad-ass doing these exercises with a roughly 10-15 pound rock than I would have with a 25 pound barbell.  Thoughts?


2 Responses to “Damn it, Jim, I’m a man.”

  1. Who you project is who you are - Itinerant Intolerance Says:

    […] a lot recently. It has, in fact, inspired some changes in our behavior, some of which he documents here. Me, I got my first professional haircut in over three years just last month, inspired by this […]

  2. rescueme91106 Says:

    You could always come out west and wrangle some cows. Quite a work out! Keep up the work! (although quitting smoking would be a good decision too. Perhaps I’ll finally knock the cigarette out of your hand when I come visit in Feb)

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