Final Film

So I’ve mentioned this to a couple of you in person (some of you helped make it).  Others of you saw the trailer (hopefully…it’s the post right before this one).  This is the final video for my Digital Storytelling class.  I’d love to hear some feedback if you’d care to give it



4 Responses to “Final Film”

  1. Ethan Fenichel Says:

    Hey Dave – Really funny! Not what I thought you were going to do from the trailer at all.

  2. matthewfmurphy Says:

    I dig it.

  3. Sarah Says:

    Looks good! thanks for putting it up so I actually know what the finial product was. The music worked our pretty nicely.

  4. justamusician Says:

    Ethan – Thanks man. I didn’t really know how to shoot a trailer for what the final product was going to be, so I went all action-y just to draw the audience in (and because we had to shoot a trailer).

    M-A-T-T – Awesome.

    Sarah – No problem. And I even worked my admin magic and prevented everyone from knowing that you posted that comment twi…damn it.

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