So I just finished recording a song with two of my favorite people.  It’s a bluegrass thing that they both wrote and which I play upright on.  I really like it and it sounds pretty solid.  I had forgotten both how much effort and time goes into recording (we got a full track done live in about an hour) and how much fun it is.  Even when you’re off and you have to do your x-teenth (or more) take, if you just let it happen, it will.

This hasn’t been my work, really (I mean…I guess I technically wrote the bassline – as much as one writes a bluegrass bassline), but it’s been incredibly rewarding to work with some seriously talented musicians/vocalists and get some studio time (read: time standing in my living room with a recording deck somewhere nearby) and play.

I’m working on getting some pics up, but I’m still playing around with them in PhotoShop and don’t really want to post them until I like the results (though I may post the work in progress if I can’t get a result I like so I can get some critique).

Hope you’re doing well, dear reader.


2 Responses to “Recording”

  1. Matt Says:

    We should record something.

  2. justamusician Says:

    We should. And soon(ish…preferably either over spring break or after I graduate again) before your life becomes more full/complicated/awesome.

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