Just keep writing…

So, in light of the advice I’ve gotten about writing, I’ve been trying to carve out about an hour a day to play music and try to write lyrics.  I’ve worked out a couple guitar parts, nothin’ great, and no lyrics (yet), but still, it’s a start.  It’s actually not as hard to do as I thought it would be, though I suppose we’ll see as the semester snowballs.

One of the things I’m excited about for the semester is a class on Digital storytelling.  The whole concept is essentially that as the medium for storytelling is changing, the way stories are told will change, too.  The expected end result will be a decent amount of interactive options in future storytelling.  I remember when they talked about doing this in the mid-90s with interactive movies (clickers in the seats which could be used to influence the next sequence in the movie and with alternate endings, etc.).  It’s an interesting concept, but I’m not sure it will ever really be a thing that catches on.

In short, you can never write in all the possible actions or behaviors of the audience/player/whatever.  Having played video games most of my life and played a fair amount of pen and paper RPGs, it’s just not possible to make a game fully random.  I think, ultimately, that’s a good thing.  It’s like the new, immersive, 3-d TVs.  Do we really want something that will further separate us from reality?  Shouldn’t we want to experience the world around us rather than to escape it?

I of course find this a bit ironic as I begin to play Heavy Rain – an immersive video game which is designed to provide a movie-like experience with interaction.

I’m awesome.


*Update: I have to wait for my PS3 to update before I can play.  Guess I’ll be going to dodgeball for now.


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