The New Year

So I’m terrible with resolutions in the new year – not just keeping them, but also making them in the first place.  I’m not entirely sure why.

That being said (and I can already hear the groaning from the bunker in which I post this – read: my living room), I’m resolving to post at least once a week like I originally intended.  I’ve decided that this might be something to help me with the creative blocks I’ve been struggling with.  At the very least, I can post crap here (and I trust that it will be).  If it is as bad as I fear, I welcome criticism (preferably constructive, though if it’s really that bad, let me know).

Hope you keep reading whatever it is I post and that I deliver some stuff that’s worth your continued efforts.

– d

P.S. – If you know me in real life (especially if you’re someone who sees me on a semi-regular basis), get on me about it if I haven’t posted.  I’ll probably try to just shrug you off, but it will actually motivate me to post.


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