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Quick Post


Hey all,

I’m posting this to fulfill my goal (lame, I know).  On the upside, I’m going on a retreat this weekend, so hopefully I’ll be coming back with a clear head.  Also, unless it rains the entire time I’m gone, I promise to post new pictures of new and interesting places when I return, so hopefully that will count for something.
Hope everything’s going well for you.




So I just finished recording a song with two of my favorite people.  It’s a bluegrass thing that they both wrote and which I play upright on.  I really like it and it sounds pretty solid.  I had forgotten both how much effort and time goes into recording (we got a full track done live in about an hour) and how much fun it is.  Even when you’re off and you have to do your x-teenth (or more) take, if you just let it happen, it will.

This hasn’t been my work, really (I mean…I guess I technically wrote the bassline – as much as one writes a bluegrass bassline), but it’s been incredibly rewarding to work with some seriously talented musicians/vocalists and get some studio time (read: time standing in my living room with a recording deck somewhere nearby) and play.

I’m working on getting some pics up, but I’m still playing around with them in PhotoShop and don’t really want to post them until I like the results (though I may post the work in progress if I can’t get a result I like so I can get some critique).

Hope you’re doing well, dear reader.

A Good Day


In honor of the day of memory for Martin Luther King, Jr., I’m going to comment on one of my favorite quotes by him.

“I submit to you that if a man hasn’t discovered something he will die for, he isn’t fit to live.”

I have a lot of different thoughts about this quote.  I think it rings very true – people have to have convictions that they hold that dearly to really be able to accomplish anything.  While I certainly wouldn’t argue death is an appropriate punishment for those who don’t have them, individuals without strong convictions should seriously question their lives and their directions in them.

My roommate, a former U.S. Marine and I recently had a discussion about the military draft (which I’ll spare you from, though my thoughts are pretty solidly formed in terms of opinion).  He made a comment that has rung through my head a bit, though, which I think lines up well with the above quote from Dr. King.  “A country which cannot find volunteers to defend her does not deserve to and will not continue.”

On that note, dear reader, goodnight.

Just keep writing…


So, in light of the advice I’ve gotten about writing, I’ve been trying to carve out about an hour a day to play music and try to write lyrics.  I’ve worked out a couple guitar parts, nothin’ great, and no lyrics (yet), but still, it’s a start.  It’s actually not as hard to do as I thought it would be, though I suppose we’ll see as the semester snowballs.

One of the things I’m excited about for the semester is a class on Digital storytelling.  The whole concept is essentially that as the medium for storytelling is changing, the way stories are told will change, too.  The expected end result will be a decent amount of interactive options in future storytelling.  I remember when they talked about doing this in the mid-90s with interactive movies (clickers in the seats which could be used to influence the next sequence in the movie and with alternate endings, etc.).  It’s an interesting concept, but I’m not sure it will ever really be a thing that catches on.

In short, you can never write in all the possible actions or behaviors of the audience/player/whatever.  Having played video games most of my life and played a fair amount of pen and paper RPGs, it’s just not possible to make a game fully random.  I think, ultimately, that’s a good thing.  It’s like the new, immersive, 3-d TVs.  Do we really want something that will further separate us from reality?  Shouldn’t we want to experience the world around us rather than to escape it?

I of course find this a bit ironic as I begin to play Heavy Rain – an immersive video game which is designed to provide a movie-like experience with interaction.

I’m awesome.


*Update: I have to wait for my PS3 to update before I can play.  Guess I’ll be going to dodgeball for now.

The New Year


So I’m terrible with resolutions in the new year – not just keeping them, but also making them in the first place.  I’m not entirely sure why.

That being said (and I can already hear the groaning from the bunker in which I post this – read: my living room), I’m resolving to post at least once a week like I originally intended.  I’ve decided that this might be something to help me with the creative blocks I’ve been struggling with.  At the very least, I can post crap here (and I trust that it will be).  If it is as bad as I fear, I welcome criticism (preferably constructive, though if it’s really that bad, let me know).

Hope you keep reading whatever it is I post and that I deliver some stuff that’s worth your continued efforts.

– d

P.S. – If you know me in real life (especially if you’re someone who sees me on a semi-regular basis), get on me about it if I haven’t posted.  I’ll probably try to just shrug you off, but it will actually motivate me to post.