Opening Week Thoughts

God bless Peter King.  May he recover soon.

– The San Francisco 49ers looked awful.  Alex Smith played like he forgot it was a regular season game and Mike Singletary might actually kill some of his defense this week in practice.   Not through workouts, but he might just start hitting them like he was wearing pads…but he’s not.  If there’s one head coach in the NFL I would want to play for and never piss off…it’s him.

– The Texans looked great.  Got a monkey off their backs by beating the untouchable Colts and had a heckuva run game.  While Matt Schaub will never be Peyton Manning, if he can keep doing just enough like he did this week, they have a shot at making a deep run this year.

– The NFC lEast is incredibly weak this year.  While the ‘Skins pulled one out (I’m still not sure how…) and the Cowboys apparently think the NFL is co-owned by UFC, the Eagles’ best chances are pinned to Michael Vick (that almost hurt to type), and the Giants looked, “Eh,” at best.  I’m used to watching this division beat the snot out of each other and then lose early int he playoffs.  I think only the second part of that last sentence is going to be true.

– Chris Johnson may actually be that good.  That sucks because I passed on him in one of my fantasy leagues to take Adrian Peterson That’s good to see.

– Injuries are rife this year.  Three concussions in the first week, and this little bit of nightmare fuel for those of you who missed it (Warning: Link might make you want to throw up).  So much for safety for players.  I also hope this will stop the talk of moving toward an 18-game season.  In addition to the risk, I actually think 16 games and playoffs is perfect.

– The Lions got robbed by a stupid rule.  While I think the refs did the right thing – it is the rule – the rule is stupid in cases like that.  He had control, he was down, he prematurely celebrated.  Yeah, it was a dumb move, but the rule should be changed.

– The Steelers don’t look that bad minus their star rapist quarterback.  They don’t look that good, but they don’t look that bad.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see them finish second or third in that division with the Ravens still have my vote for winners and unsure thoughts on the Patriots as of yet.

– Randy Moss, despite his assurances, is going to quit on the season at some point, especially if he’s not the focal point of that offense.  I don’t feel bad at all.

– Well, it didn’t take long for the duo of Cincinnati wide-outs to melt down.  Nobody saw that coming.

– I feel bad for Jason Campbell.  I never really thought he got a fair shake in Washington (terrible offensive line, no real run game to support him, four different offensive systems in four years as a starter with an additional system as a back-up – and that’s just in the pros).  Now he’s with arguably the worst team in the league.  I secretly hoped he would go there and be able to turn tha Raidas around a little.  I mean, I knew he wouldn’t make them a playoff team, but maybe 7-9?  Well…the team around him is still terrible, and I’m still pretty sure my co-ed college football team could take the field and at the very least push it to overtime.  Oh well…maybe better luck with your life after football.

*Edited 11:34 PM EST

– The Ravens looked…alright.  Their defense, as usual, looked good (though, they were playing the Jets…so…take from that what you will).  Their offense showed potential, and the addition of the receivers in the off season definitely a good move on their part, but they never really clicked well enough to play against a real team.

– When did the Chiefs become a real, grown up football team?  Their defense looks great so far, their offense is better than most (that I’ve seen so far), and their special teams remind me of a Frank Beamer coached team.


One Response to “Opening Week Thoughts”

  1. Chris Ross Says:

    Great post here, I really enjoyed reading it. Opening week of the NFL was of course a really great weekend that gave us lots of surprises. The one thing that wasn’t much of a surprise to me though was the Raiders. I really don’t think that Jason Campbell has the makings of a quarterback that can lead his team anywhere. The Raiders were dominated by the Titans on both sides of the ball and I think the only thing that is going to get significantly better for the Raiders is their defense not their offense. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I really wanna hear your thoughts on my thoughts.

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