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So, as I rearrange my house, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking still.  This summer has been long and arduous at best.  It’s been a clusterf*ck at worst.

This summer, my now former housemate had to decide to move out (something I don’t fault him for at all) due to a multitude of situations in his own life (which, for his privacy, I won’t go into).  I took classes for the first time over the summer.  That was both a good and bad idea – good because now I can finish this year and graduate with a second degree in a year and a half (assuming I can get the classes I need in the order I need them); bad because it was a lot more stress than I really thought it would be.  I’m a slow reader, one of the reasons I don’t read a lot for pleasure – I’m self conscious about it.  When you’re assigned between 150 and 300 pages of reading a day per class, it’s a daunting task to say the least (I imagine some of you faster readers would probably find this daunting as well, if for no other reason than the fact that it’s academic writing about economics and accounting, but whatever).  A lot of things happened in my personal life (as somewhat detailed previously), and this poor personal perspective wasn’t really aided by the aforementioned stresses.

Despite a lot of problems, a lot of ups that were ultimately dashed (I’ve had several people think about moving in and then back out for various reasons – I can’t fault them for their reasons…but it doesn’t help my living situation), and a lot of self-inflicted set-backs (if you want a decent view inside my head, I think it can be summed up by this – especially the first verse), I feel like I’ve made a decent amount of progress on my life in the last two weeks or so.  I think – tentatively – that I might be pulling up and out of whatever’s going on in my headspace and I might actually (shock and awe) be working towards being the man I want to be.

Here’s hoping at least.

Anyway, there will probably be pictures during next week as I’m going to one of my favorite photographic locations, the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Hope everybody’s summers wrap up well.

– d




So I’ve talked about posting lyrics for a long time.  These aren’t finished, but they’ve been rattling around my skull for about two weeks now and I figured I’d post them.

It’s time for the lone wolf to pack up and hit the trail

Runnin’ on down the road with his tail between his legs

Not realizin’ all the while that the war raging on

Is one that’s all within his head

Learned his lessons in the school of hard knocks while you were coddled

And so he walks alone, climbin’ in and out of bottles


They need a lot of refining, and if you have any comments on how to improve them, let me know.

– d