Great Falls Expedition

So one of my favorite photos have come out of Great Falls, both the Maryland and the Virginia sides.  I love going there and rock scrambling/climbing (what I did this last time qualified as climbing without ropes as a fair bit of it was sheer vertical) and just enjoying nature.  I’ve come to realize over the past while that I really need to stop taking my camera with me, though, because I’m becoming complacent shooting there.  I still get great pictures, and every time you go, the scenery’s slightly different (sometimes there are kayakers, helicopters, etc.), and of course there’s always new wildlife to stalk, but I really need to start pushing myself as a photographer.  I’m beginning to think that I might buy a couple local maps and start randomly picking locations that I have to shoot just to force myself to branch out.  That being said, here are some of my most recent (and probably last, for a while at least) pictures from Great Falls, MD.

So yeah…hopefully these pics are enough to compensate for the fact that my last several posts have had little/nothing to do with photography.  Also, if any of you have suggestions for possible photo subjects, you should post them.  First one to make a “your mom” joke loses.


2 Responses to “Great Falls Expedition”

  1. Ethan Says:

    Hey Man, you should hurry out here and shoot the peach orchard. Lots of happy people, rolling mountains, pretty peaches, and stuff. I may even give you a place to stay and take you out to eat, if you’re lucky – and bring some good your mom jokes.

  2. Brandon J. Carr Says:

    Lovely pictures, sir. Especially the first one. But I have a thing for dragonflies, so it’s natural that would catch my eye the most. Quite fond of ducks as well.

    Anyway, nicely done. Much like your mom. (Oh, come on…it was practically a challenge)


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