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Free Running and God


So I went to mass with my family on Father’s Day weekend and had some time to think before services started (unlike when I go by myself when I arrive about 5-10 minutes before services, my family tends to get there about 15-20 minutes early because we can never be sure how long it will take to get there – hooray Northern Virginia).  While I was praying, I had a mini-revelation (I have a decent number of these per mass, but this one’s been running* through my head a lot): one of the things I struggle with faith-wise is similar to one of my weaker points in free running.  I suck at believing without proof.  Call me a Doubting Thomas** if you will…but I have a really hard time putting reason aside (as I’ve mentioned before) and just believing.  Perhaps it was my analytical upbringing or my study of Philosophy…or maybe I’m just weak (probably some combination of all three).  Similarly, I suck at gap jumps in free running.  What’s the connection, you ask?  Well, dear reader, it’s this – I can’t see it, I can’t logically make the jump.  That’s not saying that I have to be able to see everything to believe everything…I believe in a God (though I struggle with specific Christian ideals – like being loved by said God – simply put…how could Perfection love Imperfection – especially if it’s repeated Imperfection with no real end in sight?), which I don’t have any physical proof for, but I believe there’s reasonably rational proof for; and I know that somewhere out in front of my jump there’s a landing zone…but there have been a couple times where I’ll run full-speed at the launch point and as I get closer, slow down and stop.  Once, I realized I wouldn’t be able to stop in time, so I decided the safest thing to do would be to fall down into what was a cross between a slide and a duck (it was…if there’s one thing I’ve learned from free running, it’s to commit or bail.  Don’t get half-way through and second guess because then you’re going to hurt yourself).

Hopefully, I’ll eventually find a way to overcome that fear and commit – to both – fully.  I suppose the best I can do for right now is keep trying.  I just don’t want to keep doing the things I’m good at and end up limiting myself.

Also…soon (sometime after today – technically, since it’s technically morning, though I haven’t slept today) I’ll be posting more pics as I’m going to one of my favorite places to shoot – Great Falls.  Anyway…hopefully you like what you’ve read and you’ll keep reading.

Peace out.

– d

* Pun fully intended.

** Seriously, if you haven’t already clicked this link…do so.  The song is awesome.


Strangely Introspective


So…I usually reserve this level of introspective for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.  That being said, I’m another year older and I figure it’s time to do a bit of a review.

Over the past year, I’ve lost a couple close friends…I’ve made a couple new ones.  I have a couple exiting in the coming months and won’t see them.  I’m going to miss them.  I know this coming year will have new meetings, and sadly new partings, but that’s what life is.  I got laid off in September.  I got hired at a really cool local game shop.  I re-enrolled in school for an Econ degree.  I quit the game shop because school was so busy.  I’ve watched a couple friends make a lot of mistakes but grow a great deal and hopefully have helped them do so.

I had some very high points and some very low ones.  Currently, I’m somewhere in between…unsure of which slope I’m headed on.  I dunno.