I Suck…

So…I haven’t even been close to keeping my update goal.  Sorry.  Also, this post isn’t photo-based, so, sorry about that, too.  I re-enrolled in school this semester.  Don’t ever take a two and a half year break from school and then go back.  It’s scary and difficult to get back into the mindset.  I’m also taking a really difficult class (Econometrics) and a really involved class (Comp Sci)

All this aside, I’ve been thinking a lot about interpersonal relationships lately and how I miss good, honest hugs.  I’m not a particularly physical-contact-based guy…generally, I’m not even that big into hugs.  I have a couple friends who are, and I’ll hug them when I see them or when they need it for comfort, but personally, handshakes are usually the way I go (perhaps that’s just the dude in me).  That being said, I miss hugs that mean something.  Also, I’ve realized I have to be careful around certain women people/certain groups of people because they’re crazy clingy physically-contact inclined, which can send the wrong signals to me both of us.  Thoughts?


2 Responses to “I Suck…”

  1. Ethan Fenichel Says:

    Hey! Speaking of the Dude – do you want to see Crazy Heart when it comes out? It looks like it is going to be awesome…. you know I’ll hug you, too. And, there are lots of homeless guys in C-ville, they’d probably hug you, too… for coffee or something. Seriously, wanna visit? If I can help at all with econometrics, let me know… I’ve still got my notes.

  2. justamusician Says:

    Hey EZ, yeah, that’d be good. Just let me know when you and Em are free and I can get a weekend off. Any weekend but the next two, that is.

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