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I Suck…


So…I haven’t even been close to keeping my update goal.  Sorry.  Also, this post isn’t photo-based, so, sorry about that, too.  I re-enrolled in school this semester.  Don’t ever take a two and a half year break from school and then go back.  It’s scary and difficult to get back into the mindset.  I’m also taking a really difficult class (Econometrics) and a really involved class (Comp Sci)

All this aside, I’ve been thinking a lot about interpersonal relationships lately and how I miss good, honest hugs.  I’m not a particularly physical-contact-based guy…generally, I’m not even that big into hugs.  I have a couple friends who are, and I’ll hug them when I see them or when they need it for comfort, but personally, handshakes are usually the way I go (perhaps that’s just the dude in me).  That being said, I miss hugs that mean something.  Also, I’ve realized I have to be careful around certain women people/certain groups of people because they’re crazy clingy physically-contact inclined, which can send the wrong signals to me both of us.  Thoughts?