Night Photography

I suffer from mild insomnia.  Some would say this is a bit of an understatement, but, whatever.  A lot of my work will probably be posted, if not created, at obscene hours of the night when I can’t sleep.  Consider this the beginning of a pattern.


One of the things I do when I can’t sleep is walk.  Sometimes I take my camera.  This was one of the products of tonight’s walk.


This is another.  It appears we have a “V for Vendetta” fan.


I walk by holly trees a lot and I’ve been meaning to take pictures of them.  I tried to pull some of the yellow from the street lights out of this picture, but I didn’t manage to get all of them.

Comments and criticism (especially the latter) welcomed.


One Response to “Night Photography”

  1. Snapshot Assertationist Says:

    The first shot is excellent. I like the way you narrow the focus. Is it tilted though?

    I love your second shot. V for Vendetta fan here! There was a lot that could be done with that particular object in my opinion. I’m not an expert, but as a novice photographer myself, I would have placed the chair in a different spot to highlight it – say the bottom left corner. And zoomed in a lot. Or maybe even a focused shot of the V that takes up most of the shot, but just angled right to catch that it is a chair. Overlooking the hill that that particular chair is on? Just a thought.

    The last shot is good… but something is off. With my own editing program I pulled the yellow out, but it’s still out of focus. I think the lighting was just really awful – not a product of the photographer just the time of day you took this. Good focus on the water drops though :]

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